What You Need To Know About CBD Hash?


What is CBD hash?

Similar to regular hashish, CBD hash consists of cannabis plant resin. The resin is actually trichomes of female cannabis plants kief, or pollen, which is rich in essential oils, terpenes, flavonoids and cannabinoids. Trichomes is a substance similar to a viscous powder, which during compaction (pressing) takes the form of a compact cube. Pressed trichomes formed into cubes are just hashish. 


What is the difference between CBD hash and „regular” hash?

Unlike traditional hashish, which contains large amounts of THC – a substance that has a psychoactive effect, i.e. causes „high” – CBD hash is harvested from hemp plants with low or zero THC content, therefore it has no intoxicating properties and is legally available.

Why is the CBD hash legal?

Currently, much attention is devoted to CBD, which is becoming more and more popular due to the great therapeutic value. Cannabidiol does not cause intoxication and is legal practically all over the world, thanks to which everyone can benefit from its beneficial properties.

Where to buy legal hashish?

The CBD hook does not contain illegal THC and is sold in many countries, especially in Europe. In one of the shops with cannabis products – Canzen, you can buy hashish with a CBD content of 6-40%.
One of the recommended products is Vanilla CBD Hash, known for its delicious aroma. This organic product without GMO has a very high CBD (22%) and THC content below 0.2%.

How to use CBD hash?

Use of CBD hash is versatile – it can be crumbled and burnt – in a joint or bongo, vaporized, or eaten with food as a component of the food.

Proper storage.

Compressed cubes of hashish, when properly stored for months or even years, do not lose their properties.
Containers of metal, glass or silicone are preferred for storage. Plastics and rubber are not recommended, as terpenes – responsible for taste and smell – are volatile compounds that chemically react with plastic or rubber, degrading both the mixture and the container. However, this happens much slower in the conditions of freezing and depriving access to light and oxygen. Improper storage causes that over time, the outer layer of hashish becomes oxidized and loses strength.
The best place to store the hash is a freezer. Of course, you should pack your cubes in advance.


The CBD hash, compared to the dried hemp flower, is more condensed. It contains several times more resin, active and aromatic substances, thanks to which it is much more efficient when using, for example, vaporisation. Perhaps it is the most profitable source of natural CBD, which by the way will delight us with its taste and aroma. We love CBD hemp flowers because of their natural origin, unique taste and therapeutic properties.
The CBD hacks turn out to be an interesting alternative, especially when it comes to the content of cannabinoids and terpenes in relation to the price.